The More We Learn

The More We Learn

The latest research trends and survey results were shared at the 2018 Southeast Deer Study Group.

Story and Photography by Bob Zaiglin

This past February the 41st annual Southeast Deer Study Group meeting, hosted by the

Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency, was held in Music City, Nashville, Tennessee.  The theme for the meeting ‘Stakeholder-focused, Science-Based, and Data-Driven—The Gold Standard for the State Deer Management System’ was addressed by Steve Williams of the Wildlife Management Institute.

Williams described the impact social and technological changes that occurred over the last 20 years have on deer management.  He emphasized that deer biologists and managers are stewards of wildlife that belongs to the public, requiring professionals to not only apply scientifically backed information, but to understand the public’s viewpoint when it comes to managing deer.

Like I teach my students, wildlife management is people management, and the public, particularly the non-hunting segment, have a powerful voice as to how wildlife will be managed in the future.

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