The Haunts of Old Man Winter

The Haunts of Old Man Winter

Certain winter hotspots along Texas’ upper coast have been producing success for years, and for good reason too.

Story and Photography by Nate Skinner

It’s no secret there are some diehard winter junkies when it comes to inshore angling.  These fanatics willingly layer up with warm clothes to brave the elements during the coldest period of the year.  Sometimes they even do so in conditions that raises the question, “Why?”

For one, fishing pressure is at its all time low during the wintertime.  Late season hunting opportunities captivate the interest of many outdoorsmen and women, while others just prefer to stay indoors during the blustery season.

The other motivating factor that draws anglers out into frigid conditions is the fact that the action can be downright phenomenal.  Winter patterns make targeting fish like speckled trout and redfish a task that anglers can successfully plan for.  Their movements and behaviors become predictable with the apparent prevailing conditions, prompting anglers to evolve and adapt their strategies accordingly.

The most difficult thing about finding success during the coldest months of the year is aligning windows of opportunity with windows of prime weather conditions that will provoke an aggressive bite between fronts.  Most folks can’t jump in the boat at the drop of a hat when the stars align for the fish to feed.  That’s when possessing a solid on-the-water game plan becomes key.  Without a doubt, the one single trait that all successful wintertime anglers share is that they have a plan of attack before they ever hit the water.