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For Hunters . . .For Everyone . . .
16 Just Shooting —Kerry O'Day
What Makes the 6.5 So Special?

24 Proven Turkey Management Techniques
Managing a wild turkey population is not unlike managing deer or other species.—Bob Zaiglin

38 Guns N' Stuff —Harold Gunn
Load Up: New Ammo for 2017

52 Just Hunting —Bill L. Olson
Turkey Hot Spots and Update

70 Field Tips & Techniques —Bill L. Olson and Danno Wise
Countless Off-Season Hunting & Shooting Options

4 Editor’s Insight – Bill L. Olson

6 TOJ Notebook —TOJ Staff

67, 69, 71 Guides, Gear & Getaways

72 Outdoors Calendar

74 Fishing & Hunting Times

75 Subscription Information

For Freshwater
Anglers . . .
For Saltwater
Anglers . . .
10 Just Fishing —Brian Hughes
Tricks of the Trade

14 Bassology —Matt Williams
Bass for Cash

Lake Roundups - Pros Forecast
22 Central – John Jefferson
44 East – Matt Williams
46 North – Brian Hughes
58 South - Danno Wise
60 West – TOJ Staff
60 High Plains – TOJ Staff

34 Capsized on Sam Rayburn
Bass angler recalls spooky experience after boat sinks in January tourney.
—Matt Williams

68 Tackle Tips & Techniques —Danno Wise
Spring Transition Areas for Largemouth Bass

12 Saltwater Journal —Mark Sosin
Kick the Habit

12 Get to the Ditch
The Land Cut is the premier spring fishing hotspot on the lower coast, offering anglers the ultimate out-of-the-wind option.
—Nate Skinner

CoastWatch – Danno Wise
28 Lower Forecast
31 Middle Forecast
40 Upper Forecast
42 Louisiana Forecast

48 Successful Spring Flats Fishing
How anglers cover shallow water, spot fish and present lures or baits will determine their success.
—Danno Wise

54 Adjustments When Fishing the Back Lakes
Going shallow for reds and trout is a whole different ball game than fishing open bays.
—Robert Sloan

62 Spring Patterns for Sheepshead
“Bay snapper” are an often overlooked option for those desiring to catch some sporty and tasty fish.
—Nate Skinner

66 Tackle Tips & Techniques —Danno Wise
How To Properly Approach Working Gulls To Catch Larger Fish