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For Hunters . . .For Everyone . . .
12 Just Hunting —Tom Claycomb III
No Longer Just For Kids-Air Guns

22 Just Shooting —Kerry O'Day
Let's Change the Twist

32 Findings and Future of Whitetail Deer Studies
Presentations at the 2017 Southeast Deer Study Group provides optimism and new insights to this revered game animal.—Bob Zaiglin

46 Fine-Tuned Archery Prep
Bow hunting isn’t a game of mere inches, it’s much more intense, demanding hunters constantly hone their skills.—Nate Skinner

62 Guns N'Stuff —Harold Gunn
Good Stuff for Father’s Day

70 Field Tips & Techniques —Nate Skinner and Danno Wise
Bird Hunters’ Summer Practice Tips

4 Editor’s Insight – Bill L. Olson

6 TOJ Notebook —TOJ Staff

29 Subscription Information

75, 77, 79 Guides, Gear & Getaways

80 Outdoors Calendar

82 Fishing & Hunting Times

For Freshwater
Anglers . . .
For Saltwater
Anglers . . .
10 Bassology —Matt Williams
ShareLunker 2017 Season Recap

Lake Roundups - Pros Forecast
14 Central – John Jefferson
24 North – Brian Hughes
25 East – Matt Williams
68 South - Danno Wise
70 West – TOJ Staff
70 High Plains – TOJ Staff

24 Just Fishing —Brian Hughes
Safe Boating -Being Prepared

54 Lone Star “Classic” Observations
Bassmaster’s signature event provided great story lines plus an exciting surprise finish.
—Matt Williams

76 Tackle Tips & Techniques —Danno Wise
Overlooked and Underappreciated Species

16 Scrappy Nearshore Specks
Strong, thick-shouldered , feisty speckled trout stack up in Texas and Louisiana’s Gulf waters all summer long.
—Nate Skinner

30 Saltwater Journal —Mark Sosin
It's In Your Hands

CoastWatch – Danno Wise
40 Lower Forecast
43 Middle Forecast
58 Upper Forecast
61 Louisiana Forecast

50 Taking On Tackle-Busting Kings
From the beachfront to offshore rigs, Texas’ Gulf waters are teeming with drag sizzling king fish.
—Robert Sloan

64 Time to Get Wet
Rising temperatures and more active fish signal many bay anglers it’s time to wade..
—Danno Wise

72 Texas Offshore —Mike Holmes
“Inshore” Offshore - Closer Than You’d Think

74 Tackle Tips & Techniques —Danno Wise
Summer Bite, Under the Lights