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For Hunters . . .For Everyone . . .
18 Just Shooting —Kerry O'Day
Revisiting Big Bullets in Guns

26 Guns N' Stuff —Harold Gunn
What Was Hot at S.H.O.T. 2017

32 Survival of the Fittest
Improving some of the conditions a buck must contend with increases its chance to survive.—Bob Zaiglin

48 Chasing Thunder - Up Close & Personal
The early spring turkey season provides the best opportunity to have a close encounter with a mature boss gobbler.—Nate Skinner

70 Field Tips & Techniques —Bill L. Olson and Danno Wise
Countless Off-Season Hunting & Shooting Options

4 Editor’s Insight – Bill L. Olson

6 TOJ Notebook —TOJ Staff

25 Subscription Information

46 On R' Offroad —Bill L. Olson
DECKED - Truck Bed Organizer Drawer System

67, 69, 71 Guides, Gear & Getaways

72 Outdoors Calendar

74 Fishing & Hunting Times

For Freshwater
Anglers . . .
For Saltwater
Anglers . . .
16 Bassology —Matt Williams
5 Key Big Bass Handling Tips

22 March Bass-ness
Texas big lunker junkie offers 10 proven tips for catching the heavyweights.
—Matt Williams

36 Just Fishing —Brian Hughes
Genesis of the JERK-Bait

Lake Roundups - Pros Forecast
42 North – Brian Hughes
44 East – Matt Williams
56 Central – John Jefferson
64 South - Danno Wise
65 West – TOJ Staff
65 High Plains – TOJ Staff

68 Tackle Tips & Techniques —Danno Wise
Finding Windy Success

12 Spring’s Drum Beat
Hoards of black drum with some red drum mixed in await anglers longing for a bent rod and big tug.
—Nate SKinner

20 Saltwater Journal —Mark Sosin
Back to Basics

CoastWatch – Danno Wise
28 Upper Forecast
30 Louisiana Forecast
58 Lower Forecast
61 Middle Forecast

38 Back Lakes’ Secrets
Tips and tactics that will put you ahead in the game of finding and catching fish.
—Robert Sloan

52 Aggressive Speck Lures, Baits and Tactics
Anglers can choose from a variety of power fishing options to utilize during spring.
—Danno Wise

66 Tackle Tips & Techniques —Danno Wise
Key on Shrimp — Find Speck Success