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Calcasieu Pass, Louisiana-2:14 -1:24
Sabine Pass Lighthouse-1:46 -1:31
Sabine Pass Jetty-1:26 -1:31
Sabine Pass-1:00 -1:15
Mesquite Point, Sabine Pass-0:04 -0:25
Galveston Bay ent. south jetty-0:39 -1:05
Port Bolivar+0:14 -0:06
Galveston Bay
   Texas City, Turning Basin+0:33 +0:41
   Eagle Point (1)+3:54 +4:15
   Clear Lake(1)+6:05 +6:40
   Morgan Point (1)+10:21 +5:19
   Round Pt.,Trinity Bay (1)+10:39 +5:15
   Point Barrow, Trinity Bay+5:48 +4:43
   Gilchrist, East Bay+3:16 +4:18
   Jamaica Beach, West Bay+2:38 +3:31
Alligator Point, West Bay+2:39 +2:33
Christmas Point, Christmas Bay+2:32 +2:31
Galveston Pleasure Pier-1:06 -1:06
San Luis Pass-0:09 -0:09
Freeport Harbor-0:44 -1:02
Pass Cavallo0:00 -1:20
Aransas Pass-0:03 -1:31
Padre Island (South End)-0:24 -1:45
Port Isabel+1:02 -0:42

For Hunters . . .For Everyone . . .
14 Just Shooting —Kerry O'Day
Can’t Hit Them With A Rifle- Try A Cannon

20 September Prep and Play
Dove shooting, like deer hunting, can be improved by conducting just a few basic management practices.—Bob Zaiglin

34 Guns N Stuff —Kerry O'Day
New Products for Dove Season

68 More Just Shooting —Mike Holmes
The Practical Side of Firearms Suppressors

80 Field Tips & Techniques —Nate Skinner and Danno Wise
Early Season Dove Tips

4 Editor’s Insight – Bill L. Olson

6 TOJ Notebook —TOJ Staff

27 Subscription Information

42 Outdoors With Dad —Bill L. Olson
The introduction to hunting, fishing and more is one of the ways love is shown and shared.

75, 77, 79 Guides, Gear & Getaways

80 Outdoors Calendar

82 Fishing & Hunting Times

For Freshwater
Anglers . . .
For Saltwater
Anglers . . .
Lake Roundups - Pros Forecast
16 Central – John Jefferson
40 East – Matt Williams
42 North – Brian Hughes
72 South - Danno Wise
75 West – TOJ Staff
75 High Plains – TOJ Staff

30 Sweet Home Alabama
New bass species on Texas record books; California spotted bass world record likely a case of mistaken identity.
—Matt Williams

60 Bassology —Matt Williams
A Buzzing Dilemma

66 Just Fishing —Brian Hughes
Leaps and Bounds

78 Tackle Tips & Techniques —Danno Wise
On Top for Fall Bass

10 Unpressured Waters
After nearly three months of immense fishing pressure on coastal bays, certain tactics will improve the results of angling efforts.
—Nate Skinner

18 Saltwater Journal —Mark Sosin
Surf's Up

CoastWatch – Danno Wise
26 Upper Forecast
38 Louisiana Forecast
50 Lower Forecast
54 Middle Forecast

36 Spectacular-Surf-Surprises
Fishing the coastal surf has it’s rewards whether wading from the beach or from a boat.
—Robert Sloan

62 September's Sight Bite
Through out late summer and early fall, every Texas bay will often provide ideal sight casting conditions.
—Danno Wise

76 Tackle Tips & Techniques —Danno Wise
Fall Coastal Sightcasting Tips

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