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Calcasieu Pass, Louisiana-2:14 -1:24
Sabine Pass Lighthouse-1:46 -1:31
Sabine Pass Jetty-1:26 -1:31
Sabine Pass-1:00 -1:15
Mesquite Point, Sabine Pass-0:04 -0:25
Galveston Bay ent. south jetty-0:39 -1:05
Port Bolivar+0:14 -0:06
Galveston Bay
   Texas City, Turning Basin+0:33 +0:41
   Eagle Point (1)+3:54 +4:15
   Clear Lake(1)+6:05 +6:40
   Morgan Point (1)+10:21 +5:19
   Round Pt.,Trinity Bay (1)+10:39 +5:15
   Point Barrow, Trinity Bay+5:48 +4:43
   Gilchrist, East Bay+3:16 +4:18
   Jamaica Beach, West Bay+2:38 +3:31
Alligator Point, West Bay+2:39 +2:33
Christmas Point, Christmas Bay+2:32 +2:31
Galveston Pleasure Pier-1:06 -1:06
San Luis Pass-0:09 -0:09
Freeport Harbor-0:44 -1:02
Pass Cavallo0:00 -1:20
Aransas Pass-0:03 -1:31
Padre Island (South End)-0:24 -1:45
Port Isabel+1:02 -0:42

For Hunters . . .For Everyone . . .
16 Just Shooting —Kerry O'Day
The Big and Little of the AR

24 Just Hunting —Tom Claycomb III
Choosing the Proper Knives & How to Sharpen Them

34 Whitetail Deer Management Objectives
Habitat and how it is managed is the most vital ingredient to successful management if one or more of the three components (time, nutrition, and genetics) are missing—Bob Zaiglin

50 Don’t Wing It
Now is the time for wing hunters to prepare for the rapidly approaching hunting seasons.—Nate Skinner

66 Guns N'Stuff —Harold Gunn
Gear Up for Waterfowl Season

78 Field Tips & Techniques —Nate Skinner and Danno Wise
Summer’s Practical Pre-Hunt Rifle Practice

4 Editor’s Insight – Bill L. Olson

6 TOJ Notebook —TOJ Staff

47 Subscription Information

75, 77, 79 Guides, Gear & Getaways

80 Outdoors Calendar

82 Fishing & Hunting Times

For Freshwater
Anglers . . .
For Saltwater
Anglers . . .
Lake Roundups - Pros Forecast
22 Central – John Jefferson
44 East – Matt Williams
46 North – Brian Hughes
68 South - Danno Wise
70 West – TOJ Staff
70 High Plains – TOJ Staff

26 Passive Performance
Trotlines, stump poles and noodles let you look the other way and still catch fish.
—Matt Williams

40 Bassology —Matt Williams
Safe Boating: A Little Common Sense Goes A Long Way

60 Just Fishing —Brian Hughes
Beating the Heat

76 Tackle Tips & Techniques —Danno Wise
Set Lines for Summer Catfish

10 The Heart of Galveston Bay
Texas’ largest estuary contains plenty of summertime deepwater hotspots.
—Nate Skinner

18 Weed, Feed, and Catch
Hit the weed lines for fast action offshore fishing.
—Robert Sloan

CoastWatch – Danno Wise
30 Upper Forecast
32 Louisiana Forecast
54 Lower Forecast
58 Middle Forecast

42 Saltwater Journal —Mark Sosin
Trolling in the Deep Blue Sea

62 Simple Summer Speck Strategies
Use these techniques and coastal anglers will find themselves catching plenty of fish.
—Danno Wise

72 Texas Offshore —Mike Holmes
The Offshore Fisherman’s Best Friend is A Chum

74 Tackle Tips & Techniques —Danno Wise
Mid-Summer Pelagic Options - Near and Far

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