Editor’s Insight

No Need for Cabin Fever

February is “put upon” in so many ways. It is the shortest month of the year and provides some of the coldest winter weather. Of the 28 days in the second month of 2019 outdoor enthusiasts might get six to eight good weather days. Looking at the extended forecasts we may need to add in a few “marginal” days to even reach those numbers.
Though the average historic temperatures for most of the Lone Star State is not brutally cold, by Texas standards it is cold enough and it looks like this year it is going to be wet. While that is enough to curtail many outdoor plans at least we are not shut-in like northern parts of the country. We know that by the end of the month and certainly on into March we will see warming trends and the first signs of the spring green up.
Until we get into March and past the Spring Equinox that occurs on March 20, February will remind us this is still winter with gray skies and raw, damp temperatures that will keep many shut in. That alone is enough to “infect” some with a case of cabin fever. Add in a dose of longing for the mild sunny weather Texans normally enjoy through most of the year and frustrations can escalate for those trapped inside.
There are options to overcome this dilemma. It is called mind-over-matter and for outdoor enthusiasts it is to put a positive spin on things. While we may not have the most conducive weather for outdoor activities, we know that will change shortly and we should start planning for that time.
One of the best and most rewarding parts of a fishing or hunting trip is the anticipation that builds while planning an adventure. Looking ahead at extended weather forecasts, contacting sources of information like Chambers of Commerce or Convention and Visitors Bureaus may enlighten to opportunities not experienced on prior forays.
Given recent storms that ravaged parts of the Texas coast there has been significant progress made along their road to recovery. Seek out guides for trends and maybe even check out a new place to stay that may only be a few miles down the road.
February is a great month to do an equipment check. A little cleaning, replacing or updating may be in order. It doesn’t make sense to put off what can be done today until just before a trip.
There are those that will look at this month and say, this is the perfect time to do some predator control at the hunting lease. While there are anglers that will bundle up, brave the elements in their pursuit of a lifetime. It might be for a lunker largemouth or some trophy yellow-mouth sow speckled trout. Sitting at home wishing weather was better does not provide the opportunity — you have to be there.
There are some trips even further on down the line that need to be planned for this month. It might be replacing a hunting lease that has been lost or simply looking for new ground. There are hunts in western states that have early draws and February is when many deadlines occur.
On the hunting side there is equipment that also needs to be replaced, repaired or expanded upon. Procrastinate and put these chores off and it could come back to bite you later in the year.
Looking at this list there is plenty to do and we only have 28 days in which to get it done in February. We had better get after it.

Until next month: Pursue all of your outdoor activities in a safe and ethical manner.