Editor’s Insight


With the October 1992 issue Texas Outdoors Journal was launched with several goals in mind. First to cover fishing and hunting across the Lone Star State like it should be covered. Rather than fishing coverage relegated to just the spring and summer issues, or hunting information only appearing in the fall and winter months, TOJ began covering both fishing and hunting in every monthly issue. Plus TOJ knew from the beginning how to count to 12 so that means an issue every month of the year.
The next goal was to provide seasonably timely information from top outdoor professionals. Our team of writers are experts in the fields and topics they cover. On the hunting side most are hunting or shooting instructors while many have etched their name into one of the record books. Similar credentials on the fishing side with many holding or having held a variety of records. Those that cover the coast are U.S. Coast Guard Captains, but are not guides. That helps alleviate the chance of articles becoming self-serving or hire-me solicitations.

What this means to TOJ readers is with this level of expertise the information that is passed on can be validated. Even our most veteran teammates occasionally have the information they provide confirmed by other outdoor professionals and even law enforcement – game wardens. Every effort is made to provide accuracy in our outdoor coverage.

For those that only occasional read a copy of TOJ are missing out. To properly chronicle outdoor events across the Lone Star State is not a sporadic story. It is ongoing and ever changing. Each month is different. I am very proud and please to inform that TOJ’s Team of outdoor professionals was recently honored at the Texas Outdoor Writers Association 60th Annual Conference and Excellence In Craft Awards banquet held February 24, 2018. This annual event attracts some of the best writers, photographers, publishers and broadcasters in the outdoor industry.
This year Texas Outdoors Journal was honored as one of Texas best publications when it received First Place in the highly competitive major Outdoor Publication – over 25,000 category. This marks an unprecedented 20th time TOJ has been honored. No other publication has ever achieved this level of consistency or sustained recognition. The Judges’ Comments stated, “What wonderful outdoor publications the judges had to review. All were excellent. Texas Outdoors Journal gets the nod for First Place because of its comprehensive and informative coverage, excellent writing and consistent organization. Stories like “Bucks from Above” and “Dreaming Big Bass” make this publication a “must” read for the avid outdoors man or woman. Well done, and we love “Just Shooting,” for the fun that is . . .”
Several of TOJ’s Team received individual awards. Whitetail Editor Bob Zaiglin received two awards for his excellent images that appear in these pages. Upper Coast Editor Nate Skinner also won awards for his skills with a camera. The Judges acknowledged my writing and photography skills with awards. I was most pleased they recognized my tribute “Outdoors With Dad” to my father. For 26 years I have teamed with Texas Hall of Fame broadcaster and TOJ contributor Harold Gunn on our syndicated, world-wide Texas Outdoor News radio. The judges once again recognized our news/interview format program. TON remains the most honored outdoor radio show in the Number One outdoor market in the country — Texas.
Congratulations to the entire TOJ Team for your professionalism, well crafted stories, photography and stellar layouts. Congratulations also to our loyal readers. Many times your inquiring questions results in great answers within one of our Team member’s articles.

Until next month: Pursue all of your outdoor activities in a safe and ethical manner.