Decisions, Decisions — Fins or Feathers?

Decisions, Decisions — Fins or Feathers?

November presents a prime opportunity for outdoorsmen and women to pursue both fish and waterfowl in the same coastal waters.

Story and Photography by Nate Skinner


November kicks off a special time of year where coastal anglers and waterfowl hunters will have to choose when they will go fishing and when they will go duck hunting.  Sometimes making this decision is an arduous task, as both the rod bending and decoying action can be lights out this time of year.

This is why many outdoorsmen and women will choose to cast-n-blast, or blast-n-cast, depending on the scenario and conditions.  Conducting a duck hunt and a fishing trip in the same day can produce success, not to mention plenty of fun-filled memories.  Certain variables will dictate the order in which the two activities should occur for participants to strap the most ducks and catch as many fish as possible.

Some of the most exciting duck hunt and fish combination forays I’ve been apart of have taken place on the Lower Laguna Madre out of Getaway Lodge at Port Mansfield.  Last November, my brother Brandon and I spent two days wade fishing and hunting with Getaway Lodge guide, Captain Ruben Garza Jr.  On this particular trip, both of our hunts took place in the afternoon after we enjoyed catching redfish and speckled trout during the morning hours.