About the January 2018 Cover

About the January 2018 Cover

“El Coyote” by Howard Dubois


A New Year begins and we each find ourselves contemplating what the future holds.  In the life of a coyote, January 1st is just another day as it “makes a living” off of the land it lives and the animals it hunts as its prey.

Many hunters lament the hunting seasons that close to start a New Year.  The reality is they can benefit the prized game animals they passionately pursue by continuing to hunt.

Predator hunting is gaining popularity in the Lone Star State and managing their populations is an important part to any wildlife management program.  Coyotes, and other predators prey on whitetail and mule deer, plus destroy ground nesting birds nest in search for their eggs and poults.

Wildlife and western artist Howard Dubois of Canton Texas beautifully illustrates the cunning coyote in his “El Coyote” acrylic painting.  Dubois artistic skills captures the keen eyes and disposition of this widely distributed predator.

In 2011 at the National Juried Wildlife Art competition sponsored by Texas Commission for the Arts – Irving Parks and Recreation, “El Coyote” won the Award of Excellence.

For more information on “El Coyote” and other fine works of art or commissions by Howard Dubois, visit www.howardduboisart.com, email buzzardcreek11@gmail.com, follow on Facebook or call (903) 880-6089.