About the August 2017 Cover

About the August 2017 Cover

For 26 years Texas Outdoors Journal has featured some of the very best wildlife and sporting artists on our covers.  Many of these paintings were either originals, limited edition print series or commissions.  Periodically we have had paintings whose origins began with our discussion with an artist.  Basically the art scene was created for our cover.

That is the case of “In The Open” by talented Texas artist Calvin Carter.  Carter has become a student, almost obsessed, with observing, photographing and videoing movement of coastal gamefish.  This study of movement, shapes and body action is apparent in this month’s painting of a pod of feeding redfish in a coastal back lake marsh.

“In The Open” has so many subtle inclusions like the silt coming up from the marsh floor as one redfish roots for something to eat in the grass, or the white belly of a redfish making a move away from the viewer.  The name of the painting is obvious as a crab is caught “In The Open.”

Another interesting part of this painting story is Carter allowed his Facebook followers to observe the progress of the painting.  This provided some additional insight to what takes place on an artist’ canvas, from start to finish as a fine piece of art is composed.

“In The Open” has been so well received that the original sold before the last of the coastal birds were painted completing the image, and a hi-resolution jpeg of the oil painting shipped to TOJ.  However, Carter has said prints on paper and possibly giclées will be available.  For more information on “In The Open” and other fine works of art by Calvin Carter visit www.calvincarterart.com, email mcalvincarter@yahoo.com or call (409) 201-6685. — Bill L. Olson