2018 Texas Statewide Hunting Forecast

2018 Texas Statewide Hunting Forecast

TOJ’s Annual Forecast of Whitetail, Mule Deer, Pronghorn, Quail and other Game Animals along with the latest from-the-field information.

Story by Bill L. Olson
Photography by John Frankson

When it comes to compiling a hunting forecast weather is the critical ingredient that determines opportunities in the fall and winter.  Trying to forecast weather, particularly in as state as large as Texas many times seems to be a “fool’s game.”  However, historical data of what occurred provides insight into management decisions every hunter will make in the field.

The forecast for the 2018-2019 season is complex and diverse.  Many still look back at the drought of 2011 that has had a lingering influence in some areas.

Then there was the impact of Hurricane Harvey at the start of the 2017-2018 hunting season.  Parts of the state saw game animals impacted while other regions went unscathed.

There was also the impact on hunters’ personal lives last year that prevented them from playing a management role as harvesters of surplus animals.  The lack of harvest puts more pressure on the rangeland and resources that are available.

As reflected in the eight District reports, drought conditions have once again taken a hold on some parts of the Lone Star State while others are seeing its encroachment.  As this is writen at the start of September tropical moisture is making its way into some regions.  For some this could provide some relief while for others the wait continues.

Here is our annual statewide hunting forecast from all eight Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s District Leaders.

REGION 1, DISTRICT 1, Trans-Pecos (West Texas)

Mike Jannis, district leader based in Alpine said, Most of the Trans-Pecos had an extremely dry winter and spring, with no significant precipitation from October through May except for one snowfall event in December.